M2rX3sg.jpg There are weapons that have been imbued with the spirits of their makers or wielders. Weapons that change the outlook and attitude of the one that takes it up. Cursed weapons that none of sane mind dare touch.

These mere attributes don’t even begin to describe Morganna.

In many legends, Fell weapons have been granted to lost souls who’s outcry was answered by some vengeful deity to fulfill their dark wish.

However, Morganna was the answer of a vengeful deity’s outcry for retribution.

Tales vary of the origins of this weapon, but legends say it was forged to kill the most powerful of beings. The ones many refer to as “gods”. Infused with boundless wrath, it answers the call of evil, and has proven time and again that it cannot be safely handled by any normal mortal without its bidding. Many users of the weapon, including Lily, the paladin of Elam Tyrell, have been possessed by its vast powers.


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