Player Home Base

Formerly known as Vaetheren, the town was first met being attacked a vicious group of Orcs. All appeared lost, when the heroes of Shelter’s Wings intervened. They discovered the town was on its last leg, and at the brink of ruin. Banding together in heroism, ambition, and compassion, the group renamed it “Highrock”, and has set to work in hopes of helping its people restore their village, and perhaps, turn it into something greater.

Bain, eager to procure their aid, gave two of its members seats on the city council. The party’s guiding hand, a fighter aspiring to be a paladin named Alwen, Devoted his funds to the restoration of Highrock, and vowed he would help protect the people of Vaethren. While grateful, no one was sure this rag-tag group would be a staying force, particularly when they vanished only weeks later and did not return for over a month. Their only word from them was a written message requesting a change of the city’s name… to Highrock.

Yet one of the party remained. A Tengu sorcerer with unusual hobbies. He had set to work, building a tower and much of their wall in that time. However all fears were dispelled when Shelter’s Wings returned, And how they returned! As a hobgoblin army approached, the fighter came on his horse, a shining paragon of his former self-… and a woman! He came, driving the vanguard from the town. Then as the army closed, the others appeared- with an army of their own following. A mighty warband that slaughtered the assailants.

The battle won and all safe again, the town’sfolk are more optimistic than ever that they might be able to make a life for themselves with these guardians.


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