Legends of Loranna

The Convergence Incident...

The reunion of the seperated party

The paths of the party now dubbed Shelter’s Wings, took a divergent turn as they were ambushed individually.


Alwen had left to investigate the disappearance of the tavern keeper’s friend. However when he arrived at the house, he got more than he bargained for. Ambushed by inquisitors of the king, Alwen had to flee for his life, but was soon cornered by the group. Fighting ensued, but to his suprise, a group of assassins led by a familiar friend came to his aid.
Echo, a subversion specialist Alwen had known from Elam Tyrell had once more appeared from the shadows. Suprised to see him, she swiftly smuggled the knight from the scene to a hideout. However Echo would not be the only one Alwen would be reunited with. At the Hideout, Alwen met none other than his little sister, Kaylee Blaedfast. The two were overjoyed to know the other was alive, and after explaining what she had witnessed in Elam Tyrell, agreed to return with Nina to Vaethren (which they would henceforth be referring to as “Highrock”).
Gladdened that Alwen was alive, but eager to carry on in her search for answers, Echo had joined the white assassins, and tasked Alwen with a straightforward mission: Using her connections, she would provide him garb and entry into the coming diplomatic ball to be held in the castle Convergence where he was instructed to engage the Nobles and ascertain where they stood with respect to the king, and where the king stood with respect to his nation, as well as their own.
Despite her best efforts, proper attire proved nearly impossible for Echo, and Alwen had to resort to using the cursed belt of strength to accommodate his entry and preserve his anonymity until the opportune moment (a task that amused his sister no end).

Moa, who had discovered the hideout only earlier that day, had been pacified and left elsewhere in the city with writing on her arm. She (Moa’s story)

Rakitti had followed the dark-elf he’d met at the tavern when he ran into his own group of inquisitors. (Rakitti’s story here)

Wrothgar (Wrothgar’s story here)

Meanwhile, Zandrack had spent his days with his close friend Darius. The wealthy nobleman who lived in the noble’s district of Krisal. (Zandrack’s tale)

Shock and confusion followed when the party was reunited. After conferring with each other, the group sought to achieve their common ends. As Alwen (posing as Elwyn), spoke with the nobles, Rakitti spiked the drinks of his targets (as well as any guests who crossed him), and Moa prepared to acquire the crystals from her vision, and Wrothgar, a share of the remaining contents of the treasury.
As the king hung on Elwyn’s tales of her party’s past deeds, and the resistance tried to capture the disoriented guests targeted by Rakitti, Zandrack created a diversion for the guards by bringing down the ballroom chandelier. allowing Wrothgar and Moa to break into the treasury, where Moa siezed the gems and tried to seal the portal. Her ritual was just in time, closing the gate, but not before a monster of contradicting properties emerged.

Elwyn bade the kings withdraw, and taking a shield and donning her armor, rushed to join the party. A battle ensued, and just as Alwen prepared to deal the fatal blow with Valerund, the creature withdrew, vanishing from sight, leaving the party all but alone in the castle.


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