Kaylee Blaedfast

Alwen's little sister


Second-born of Aiden and Devonna Blaedfast, Kaylee was seldom worried or self conscious about meeting her family’s expectations, and as a child, she was described as sweet, kind, cute, and understanding. It was she who talked Alwen into putting flowers into his coat of arms. Imagery that had strong symbolic meaning, despite not appearing particularly “Macho” among the young boys.

Then about the time she hit her teenage years, Kaylee developed what most described as the family thirst for excitement. Her rebellious nature blossomed, and she would ride wild horses, run along rooftops, and climb sheer cliffs without so much as a rope unless Alwen brought one along for her.

Kaylee favors greatswords, but settles for wielding a (Bastard/long sword) with two hands, foregoing the traditional shield, letting her armor do the job instead. While she seems reckless in her style of combat, Alwen has noted she is actually a very cunning fighter, forever evaluating her enemies and beguiling them into her hands. Whether she fights “dirty” is a matter of debate, but all agree her style is effective.

Kaylee Blaedfast

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