Boken the Life Insurance Salesman


Not a tall man, Boken stands at about 5’ 8", but his frame makes up for the difference with broad shoulders and strong bones. The man is all red hair and muscle, and speaks in a low voice. But not a halting voice, nor are his gestures foreign and ponderous. On the contrary, Boken is something of a public speaker when given to the fancy, being blessed with an orator’s tongue to the spite of his grim face. He carries with him a long-haft hatchet in the absence of his old prized battleaxe, and cloaks himself in white furs and brown leathers.

In terms of personality, Boken is charismatic beyond the mean of his fellows, outgoing and invested in conversation. It may seem to some that he uses his charms to obfuscate his true nature, but such thoughts are, he would say, wholly ridiculous. Of course, if charm is one side of a coin, then threats and intimidation are its other, and Boken is not the sort to settle for half of anything. As friendly as he is, he can intone promises of ruin and suffering as cleanly as praises and flattery – and something in his eyes assures all listeners of his sincerity in such unfortunate matters.
Of course, if one was to ask him where he came by such gruesome ability, Boken would only mention a prior job in passing. For all who press him on the matter, the answer is always the same. “I was a life insurance salesman.”

Of all things Boken will talk about, he speaks most jubilantly about his young daughter Bietal. An exceedingly proud parent, the man will tell anyone who will listen about her latest displays of ‘sheer genius’ whenever given the opportunity.


Boken. Once the name was something of an ill omen, spat quickly so as not to be long in the air between embittered soldiers and grieving townsfolk. For Boken was a bandit, and not an ineffectual one. A man from a poor background and a chip on his shoulder, Boken had carved his way to the top on the bodies (or preferably, coinpurses) of those unfortunate enough to encounter him and his in the wilds. A member of an infamous group of raiders (the Ten-Thousand Mouths), Boken made a name for himself somewhere between the flash of his axe and the lash of his tongue, scaring most waylaid into immediate surrender and killing the few who would not be reasoned with. Personally he was not overfond of killing, but it did little to trouble his conscience either.

And then he heard the news. He was a father. Boken was shocked, he had not imagined anything like this and the resulting surprise caused him to consider his lifestyle and its potential impact on his child. He resolved to leave banditry and redeem himself in the eyes of the world, if only to be a hero to his child.

He has since set about trying to be a hero, though he is not terribly picky on what kind of heroism is needed, from building homes for the homeless to defending the weak to making sad men laugh and proud men humble. Boken does all that he now does to win the respect and admiration of his daughter, as well as to provide for her.

He is not a natural on the path of righteousness and may stray now and again, but to the best of his ability Boken is a new man.


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