Alwen Blaedfast

Knight of Elam Tyrell


Alwen_s_Honor.jpg Civilized
Alwen may be socially dense, but as a knight,
he knows the chivalric codes of honor and
social protocols of nobility.

Armor_Expert.jpg Armor Expert
Alwen wore a chain shirt as a child, and today
knows how to wear light, medium, and heavy
armor effectively.

Shield_Bash.jpg Improved Shield Bash
Alwen has been able to use his shield
offensively as well as defensively, using it to
bash at the enemy.

Dual_wielding.jpg Dual wielding
Alwen has trained with use of multiple
weapons in tandem, and can wield sword
and shield or dual swords even.

Alwen_Toughness.jpg Toughness
Alwen is scrappy as well as stubborn, and
has extra hitpoints as a result.

Endurance.jpg Great Endurance
Alwen’s perseverance in hardship reduces
his chance of fatigue, and can rest in light or
medium armor.

Alwen_wpn_focus.jpg Longsword Specialist
Alwen’s Favored weapon is the Longsword,
very few can match his skill with one.

Dodge.jpg Dodge
Alwen is amazingly nimble, even in armor
and still gets +2 dodge on most attacks.

Alwen_Mobility.jpg Mobility
Alwen is quick on his feet, despite his
diminished running speed, with increased
defense vs. attacks of opportunity.

Valerund_1.pngHoly Sword Valerund
Given to Alwen by the twin goddesses Lyss
and Ilia, it can fire a Blinding Light
Ray_of_Judgment.jpg This ‘Ray of Judgement’ deals a devestating
??? D6 damage to foes. Stand back when
you hear him cry “VALE-… RUND!”


Titles: Knight of the Lost Kingdom

Alwen Quotes:

“Who do you think I am!? I am Alwen Blaedfast! Knight of Elam Tyrell!!”

“A Paladin will never merely go through the motions that reflect his values; he embodies them! He can’t let stand a single day without Their [the twin goddess’s] all-consuming passion inside of him!”

“Drop. Your. Sword.”


Son of the captain of the south city guard, of Calendor (a city attacked countless times for its fabled enchanted throne). Alwen was all but born with the sword placed in his hand.
It was law in Calendor that all citizens housed within her walls be versed in the use of the sword. At dawn every morning Alwen practiced with the rest of the town in the stances and spent every Saturday training hard at the arena.

When Alwen met Nina, he was instantly spellbound. With her exotic background and heritage, Alwen could never fathom why Nina was ever bored or lonely. Nina wasn’t sure what to make of Alwen, but she liked him, for he was cheerful and kind, as well as chivalrous to an almost comedic degree, and before long the two became friends and traveling companions. As time passed however, Alwen’s admiration morphed into a deep and sincere love for the half-elf.

Alwen’s primary training is in the longsword and shield, the latter of which was made for him as a coat of arms as a youth. Then, as was the tradition in Calendor, when the boy came of age, the shield was fitted to the center of a larger frame, as a sign of how he’d grown as a person and a swordsman. He has what Nina describes as “either an underdeveloped sense of caution or an overdeveloped sense of Valor,” and while he’s excellent for someone in a tight pinch, he has a hard time walking away from (much less running away from) a fight if he believes his cause is just. As such, he is prone to engaging things way out of his league, and Nina has had to drag him away from a fight on more than one occasion.

Alwen Blaedfast

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