Legends of Loranna

It's off to home we go

The journey from Convergence to the azure city.

The Castle Convergence had been, for the most part evacuated, save for the members of Shelter’s Wings. As it only seemed the natural thing to do, the majority of the party went about collecting all the valuables they could, taking everything from silverware to the fine wine in the celler and the exotic weapons on display.

Despite Rakitti’s desire to take the chandalier with, there was simply no way to move it, and Rakitti had to settle for the many gems that studded the ornament.

Wrothgar made for the armory, where he selected a superior shirt of rings, and an Icy magic greataxe.

Zandrack (after perusing the many fine wines) stumbled upon a collection of toxins and poisons that he decided to take,

And Alwen, who had no desire to partake in the act of plunder, took only a spare cloak, a shield of darkness that he knew needed destroying, a magic diffusion cloth to safely handle it until he could properly dispose of it, and suits of armor and weapons that would befit the guard of Thistown. Then, after everyone had gathered their spoils into wagons, made an itemized list of their collection, and left it where it could be found along with a note saying:

To the good lords of Convergence and Krisol,

May this letter find you well. Having driven the horror from the castle for the moment, we have had to take our leave. In an effort to help an ailing town of the King, I have procured twenty sets of rings, shields, swords, and bows, to better equip the town’s guard. I have also taken an accursed shield that needs to be disposed of, and one of his majesty’s cloaks for the journey home. May we meet again so I can return it, and converse with you once more. The remainder of the ledger attached has been procured by my -slightly less discerning companions of Shelter’s Wings. They are an unusual but capable lot dedicated, as I am, to undoing the present darkness. I hope this is of minimal inconvenience to you, but should you wish any of these items returned, you need only come to the town of Highrock in the shire of Wrothgonia,, now located where the town of Vaethren once stood.

Your comrade in arms,

4c3ae55c28a1398033245e5f92ce16f4-d5iwxtq.png Alwen Blaedfast

The crew journeyed home in relative peace, but as they drew close to Thistown, they spied an army en route to the town. Alwen sprang to his horse and rode ahead to warn the village, while Wrothgar, Rakitti, and Zandrack were left to decide whether to help the town, or protect their wealth.


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