Legends of Loranna

As Answers Beget Questions

Discovery and Intrigue in Kison

The Party Ventured to Kison. On their way they encountered Zandrack, the Kitsune ex-pirate, who upon hearing of their adventures, decided to join. Eager to gain answers concerning Captain Bain’s curse, as well as the origins of the city, Alwen urged the party to enter. However upon reaching the gate they met an unusually tight guard, who demanded their weapons in the town. Unwilling to relinquish them, Zandrack offered to help smuggle their things in. Once inside, the party split to make their inquiries.

“what exactly are you again?”
“I’m a Knight- of sorts.”
“from where?”
“a kingdom now lost.”

The group soon learned the town had been segmented into districts to segregate non-human races, and Rakitti among others was treated particularly poorly in-town.
Wrothgar, Moa, Nina, Lily, and Rakitti witnessed a public hanging being performed with immense prejiduce, only to have it crashed by a group of white-wearing assassins who killed the crier, and released the condemned before disappearing into the chaos.
Eager to learn more about them, they asked about for information on these figures, learning they were a strange group of assassins who operated in the interests of the oppressed (theoretically), and were incredibly secretive.
Ironically it was Moa’s irrational searching method that first discovered the assassin’s group, falling right into it (literally!).

“Ah, Just who I wanted to see…”

While this happened, Alwen found out that Bain’s friend (Galidar?), was no longer captain of the guard, and was in prison for “treason to the crown”. After further inquiry, he learned the prison was in the ‘cloud district’. A plan was made to get in, and eventually Zandrack and Alwen found (Galidar?), who explained the origin’s of Bain’s curse, as well as those of Vaethren. He also explained when and where the changes started happening in Krisal, voicing a guess that there was a link to the happenings in Vaethren. After telling Alwen where to find the secret exit/entrance to the prison via the sewers (which he could have used at any time, but didn’t want to start a jail-wide breakout), the two left and Zandrack chose to stay the night with his friend (another pirate).
Upon returning to the tavern to wait for his friends, the tavern keeper asked Alwen to look in on a friend he was worried about, and Alwen (being the trusting guy he is), agreed to go have a look. There, he found the wayward kobold drawn and quartered in what looked to have been a sick ritual. No sooner had he stooped to pick up the murderous weapon used, when he was beset by a group of men in red.

What will be the outcome?


Tune in next time to find out!

As Answers Beget Questions
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