Zandrac Kietter


Full Name: Zandrac Keitter
Species: Gray Fox
Gender: Male
Vermin, Neutral, or Good: Neutral
Current Age: 38
Current Residence:
Class: Rogue/Alchemist/Tinkerer

Equipment and other belongings: Two short swords, ten throwing knives, a crossbow and quarrels, and a compass – all hand-made by himself. He also made a three ft. long round steel connector with crossing strips of leather around it. It allows the two short swords to be connected into a double blade, like a glaive; almost like a short staff with blades at either end. The swords snap in to the bar and are released by pushing a spring- activated lever. He also carries in little pockets all over the inside of his clock some potions, poisons, explosives, smock bombs, herbs, dried mushrooms, a lock picking set and rum.

Appearance: Zandrac is pleasantly handsome fox, with green eyes, silvery fur, and a lean but strong body. He is 5’9". He wears a forest green shirt and forest green flared pants, with a brown belt, a lightweight pair of brown leather boots and a gray hooded cloak.

Skills, and Talents: Zandrac is a good archer and weapons maker, an excellent alchemist, a skilled fighter, thief and a good tracker. In general, he is very dexterous and stealthy!

Weaknesses: His main weakness is his willingness to associate with being whatsoever. It can get him into a lot of trouble with those he doesn’t even know.


Personality: Zandrac is a very random beast, both is action and word…disappearing and reappearing saying whatever is on his mind, which is usually not on topic. This fox likes to appear less intelligent then he really is (almost silly). In reality he rarely misses a thing, having a very clever mind. (perhaps a little like buck from Ice Age)
He is generally cheerful, and friendly to any manner of creatures. He really doesn’t care what you are, carrying almost no prejudices. What he does care about is people’s present action, far more than their past. This is partially to do with his desire to forsake parts of his darker past and start new (see history).
Zandrac is forever an optimist, being quite excited about his new future, the next sunrise… and sometimes his next drink of rum (a bad habit he pick up from working for pirates). However, there are some major life questions that have haunted him for most of his life and continue to. Like, where does he belong in the world?… who does he belong with, and what is his purpose in life?…who made him and the rest of the world and why?

Brief History: Zandrac was an orphan since he was 5 years old. Then he was adopted by a blacksmith and his wife. His adopted father taught him how to smith and to fight with many kinds of weapons, but only the basics. He’s learned the details by smiting underneath a master. Through the connection of his step dad, he was able to train under a variety of weapons makers. This afforded him the skills of both making and wielding a myriad of weapons.
When he was about 18, he went to live with his blood uncle, a master alchemist. For eight years his uncle taught him alchemy and Zandrac learned all that he could teach him. During that time Zandrac receive food and lodging, but otherwise work for his uncle for free. In the grey fox’s spare time he found himself pouring over his uncle vast alchemy library or out on the town swindling local gamblers out on their money. Also while he was there he dabbled in the making siege weapons.
For the past 11 seasons, he has spent his time going on adventures in countries far and wide, learning as many things as he can about smiting, siege weapons, and alchemy. During this time he also learned anything anyone would teach him about fighting (mostly from master fighters in exchange for his alchemy and smiting skills) in addition to his already solid skills. He soon became very good at knife throwing, sword fighting and archery (with a crossbow.)
He eventually became employed by a particularly nasty faction of pirates. This was motivated first by his wish to experience as many aspects of life as possible. Secondly, he wanted to see more of the world and have a good time – drink his brew. He became quite popular among the other pirates, renowned as a fine sailor, skilled fighter/assassin, and most of all a brilliant alchemist. It was his time with the pirate that Zandrac discover a host devious application for his alchemy knowledge.
The ever leaning Zandrac Keitter picked a few things up from the pirates as well. While the sly fox already had a gift for slight-of-hand, the pirates taught him the fine arts of thievery and deception. Of course, he naturally learned his love of rum from those scaly-wags as well.
One day he looked back at his life and discovered that he had become something that he did not what to be. All of the nasty jobs of a pirate were beginning to wear on him. Zandrac feared that he had become quite dark and somewhat evil. Not really knowing how to become anything different, he thought a good place to star was a fresh start. The pirates had rubbed off on him for too long. Consequently, abandoned to position with the pirate by faking his own death…because of course, no one resigns from being a pirate.
The fox set out with lighter steps on his new journey, determined to be a better beast and to find the answers to questions that had haunted him his whole life (see personality).

Note: I originally wrote Zandrac Kietter ages ago for a writing sight called Sunrise On Redwall… based on the Redwall book series. Now i have attempted to edit and revise the character a bit to fit with this new world. Consequently, I have left out (or in this case erased ) specific names of Zandrac’s acquaintances and location where he has been in the Redwall world. My hope is that you can help me fill those in to make them relevant to this world.

Zandrac Kietter

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