The Shiny Genius


Throw Anything
Throw_anything.png Ratfolk have a peculiar knack for making anything into a throwable weapon. Be it broken glass, nails, sprockets, or small dogs, ratfolk can throw it with amazing accuracy. Rakitti is no exception.

Bomb_Kit.png Rakitti makes bombs. In fact they are his weapon of choice, and he works tirelessly to enhance them however he can. Some even wonder how he builds them so fast on the go.

Delayed Bomb
Timed_Charge.png In demolition, timing is everything, and well Rakitti knows it. He has many variations on how to make a timer, and rig it to his fancy explosives.

Brew Potion
Brew_potion.jpg As an Alchemist, Rakitti knows how to create potions that achieve many excellent results, as well as unguents, elixirs, extracts, and tonics to achieve his ends. It is his livelihood and passion.

Extra Discovery
Extra_Discoveries.png Rakitti has the art of creating potions and explosives down to a fine art. His methods may be unusual, but everyone agrees, he is a genius in his own right, making new breakthroughs in his science.

Pack Rat
Pack_Rat.png Rakitti is forever collecting odds and ends in his enormous backpack. what others perceive as garbage, Rakitti sees as treasure; treasure he is certain he can find a use for them (or just plain keep them because they are shiny).

Weapon Finesse
weapon_finesse.jpg While partial to bombing his enemies from a distance, when faced with close quarters combat, Rakitti relies on his tremendous dexterity to fight. With his nimble sword and tail blade, he hopes to be able to keep his enemy on the defensive.

Precise bombs
Precise_bombs.png Rakitti’s aim is not only exceptional, but he has also learned to predict the nature of his bombs, as well as craft them in order to create what he describes as “shaped blasts”.

Healing Bomb
Healing_bomb.png One of Rakitti’s favorite items is the healing bomb. A special explosive crafted to spread a special healing solution into a diffusing mist to quickly heal others within its radius.

Explosive missile
Bombs.jpg Rakitti always tries to keep one of these on his person at all times: a bomb that explodes on contact. When fired from his blunderbuss of a bomb launcher, it acts like a veritable cannon.



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