Legends of Loranna

Highrock takes refuge in Shelter's Wings

Their loot in haul, Moa, Rakitti, Wrothgar, and Zandrack had to decide what to do. A task that proved far harder for them than it had for Elwyn. After some debate on what to do about this, they made busy, taking measures to hide their trove until they could return for it, then ran for the town, hoping to arrive before the impending army of Hobgoblins arrived.

“Elwyn” meanwhile, had already ridden ahead to warn the town, and spotted the hobgoblin leader Muvrum making off with Karlia and Kittal. Urging Goliath onward, she pursued them into the fields beyond the town. His Her chase would be aided by a strange black wolf that appeared as if out of nowhere. Yet as she drew close, Muvrum fought back, and ultimately tumbled off her mount into a chasm, dragging Elwyn and Kittal along with her.

As the rest of the party charged forth to intercept Muvrum’s army, Wrothgar gave his war-cry, summoning the army of Spirits that fought at his side, and a great battle ensued.

[As I didn’t directly participate, another player will have to write it]

Elwyn came to in time to spot Muvrum with Kittal. Muvrum challenged Elwyn, offering to spare Kittal if they agreed settle it in honorable combat. Elwyn gave her conditional word, and after seeing to Kittal’s well-being, faced the spearwielder. Muvrum cast aside her glaive, and the two faced off. Their duel was fierce, and Alwen did all he could to best the hobgoblin’s spear use. The battle seemed to be in a deadlock, when Muvrum scored a heavy blow to Elwyn’s side. Muvrum followed with ruthless precision, driving the paladin to one knee, and prepared to make the final blow as the paladin fought to stand.
Yet as Muvrum prepared to claim her foe’s life, she was skewered by her own glaive, for Kittal, who had been watching up to that point, had retrieved the fallen weapon and made one last ditch attempt to save his would-be rescuer. The hobgoblin uttered an unintelligible curse, then fell at the boy’s feet.

The two took time to recoup before climbing out of the drop. When they emerged, they were glad to find Karlia had been rescued by Boken, a mysterious barbarian who stated he “had been in the right place at the right time”. The group reunited, and Doverum (after confirming Karlia was fine) thanked Elwyn for his her efforts to rescue the children.

It's off to home we go
The journey from Convergence to the azure city.

The Castle Convergence had been, for the most part evacuated, save for the members of Shelter’s Wings. As it only seemed the natural thing to do, the majority of the party went about collecting all the valuables they could, taking everything from silverware to the fine wine in the celler and the exotic weapons on display.

Despite Rakitti’s desire to take the chandalier with, there was simply no way to move it, and Rakitti had to settle for the many gems that studded the ornament.

Wrothgar made for the armory, where he selected a superior shirt of rings, and an Icy magic greataxe.

Zandrack (after perusing the many fine wines) stumbled upon a collection of toxins and poisons that he decided to take,

And Alwen, who had no desire to partake in the act of plunder, took only a spare cloak, a shield of darkness that he knew needed destroying, a magic diffusion cloth to safely handle it until he could properly dispose of it, and suits of armor and weapons that would befit the guard of Thistown. Then, after everyone had gathered their spoils into wagons, made an itemized list of their collection, and left it where it could be found along with a note saying:

To the good lords of Convergence and Krisol,

May this letter find you well. Having driven the horror from the castle for the moment, we have had to take our leave. In an effort to help an ailing town of the King, I have procured twenty sets of rings, shields, swords, and bows, to better equip the town’s guard. I have also taken an accursed shield that needs to be disposed of, and one of his majesty’s cloaks for the journey home. May we meet again so I can return it, and converse with you once more. The remainder of the ledger attached has been procured by my -slightly less discerning companions of Shelter’s Wings. They are an unusual but capable lot dedicated, as I am, to undoing the present darkness. I hope this is of minimal inconvenience to you, but should you wish any of these items returned, you need only come to the town of Highrock in the shire of Wrothgonia,, now located where the town of Vaethren once stood.

Your comrade in arms,

4c3ae55c28a1398033245e5f92ce16f4-d5iwxtq.png Alwen Blaedfast

The crew journeyed home in relative peace, but as they drew close to Thistown, they spied an army en route to the town. Alwen sprang to his horse and rode ahead to warn the village, while Wrothgar, Rakitti, and Zandrack were left to decide whether to help the town, or protect their wealth.

The Convergence Incident...
The reunion of the seperated party

The paths of the party now dubbed Shelter’s Wings, took a divergent turn as they were ambushed individually.


Alwen had left to investigate the disappearance of the tavern keeper’s friend. However when he arrived at the house, he got more than he bargained for. Ambushed by inquisitors of the king, Alwen had to flee for his life, but was soon cornered by the group. Fighting ensued, but to his suprise, a group of assassins led by a familiar friend came to his aid.
Echo, a subversion specialist Alwen had known from Elam Tyrell had once more appeared from the shadows. Suprised to see him, she swiftly smuggled the knight from the scene to a hideout. However Echo would not be the only one Alwen would be reunited with. At the Hideout, Alwen met none other than his little sister, Kaylee Blaedfast. The two were overjoyed to know the other was alive, and after explaining what she had witnessed in Elam Tyrell, agreed to return with Nina to Vaethren (which they would henceforth be referring to as “Highrock”).
Gladdened that Alwen was alive, but eager to carry on in her search for answers, Echo had joined the white assassins, and tasked Alwen with a straightforward mission: Using her connections, she would provide him garb and entry into the coming diplomatic ball to be held in the castle Convergence where he was instructed to engage the Nobles and ascertain where they stood with respect to the king, and where the king stood with respect to his nation, as well as their own.
Despite her best efforts, proper attire proved nearly impossible for Echo, and Alwen had to resort to using the cursed belt of strength to accommodate his entry and preserve his anonymity until the opportune moment (a task that amused his sister no end).

Moa, who had discovered the hideout only earlier that day, had been pacified and left elsewhere in the city with writing on her arm. She (Moa’s story)

Rakitti had followed the dark-elf he’d met at the tavern when he ran into his own group of inquisitors. (Rakitti’s story here)

Wrothgar (Wrothgar’s story here)

Meanwhile, Zandrack had spent his days with his close friend Darius. The wealthy nobleman who lived in the noble’s district of Krisal. (Zandrack’s tale)

Shock and confusion followed when the party was reunited. After conferring with each other, the group sought to achieve their common ends. As Alwen (posing as Elwyn), spoke with the nobles, Rakitti spiked the drinks of his targets (as well as any guests who crossed him), and Moa prepared to acquire the crystals from her vision, and Wrothgar, a share of the remaining contents of the treasury.
As the king hung on Elwyn’s tales of her party’s past deeds, and the resistance tried to capture the disoriented guests targeted by Rakitti, Zandrack created a diversion for the guards by bringing down the ballroom chandelier. allowing Wrothgar and Moa to break into the treasury, where Moa siezed the gems and tried to seal the portal. Her ritual was just in time, closing the gate, but not before a monster of contradicting properties emerged.

Elwyn bade the kings withdraw, and taking a shield and donning her armor, rushed to join the party. A battle ensued, and just as Alwen prepared to deal the fatal blow with Valerund, the creature withdrew, vanishing from sight, leaving the party all but alone in the castle.

As Answers Beget Questions
Discovery and Intrigue in Kison

The Party Ventured to Kison. On their way they encountered Zandrack, the Kitsune ex-pirate, who upon hearing of their adventures, decided to join. Eager to gain answers concerning Captain Bain’s curse, as well as the origins of the city, Alwen urged the party to enter. However upon reaching the gate they met an unusually tight guard, who demanded their weapons in the town. Unwilling to relinquish them, Zandrack offered to help smuggle their things in. Once inside, the party split to make their inquiries.

“what exactly are you again?”
“I’m a Knight- of sorts.”
“from where?”
“a kingdom now lost.”

The group soon learned the town had been segmented into districts to segregate non-human races, and Rakitti among others was treated particularly poorly in-town.
Wrothgar, Moa, Nina, Lily, and Rakitti witnessed a public hanging being performed with immense prejiduce, only to have it crashed by a group of white-wearing assassins who killed the crier, and released the condemned before disappearing into the chaos.
Eager to learn more about them, they asked about for information on these figures, learning they were a strange group of assassins who operated in the interests of the oppressed (theoretically), and were incredibly secretive.
Ironically it was Moa’s irrational searching method that first discovered the assassin’s group, falling right into it (literally!).

“Ah, Just who I wanted to see…”

While this happened, Alwen found out that Bain’s friend (Galidar?), was no longer captain of the guard, and was in prison for “treason to the crown”. After further inquiry, he learned the prison was in the ‘cloud district’. A plan was made to get in, and eventually Zandrack and Alwen found (Galidar?), who explained the origin’s of Bain’s curse, as well as those of Vaethren. He also explained when and where the changes started happening in Krisal, voicing a guess that there was a link to the happenings in Vaethren. After telling Alwen where to find the secret exit/entrance to the prison via the sewers (which he could have used at any time, but didn’t want to start a jail-wide breakout), the two left and Zandrack chose to stay the night with his friend (another pirate).
Upon returning to the tavern to wait for his friends, the tavern keeper asked Alwen to look in on a friend he was worried about, and Alwen (being the trusting guy he is), agreed to go have a look. There, he found the wayward kobold drawn and quartered in what looked to have been a sick ritual. No sooner had he stooped to pick up the murderous weapon used, when he was beset by a group of men in red.

What will be the outcome?

Return of the Death Lord

The Players entered the town of Argovia to investigate the odd greeting they received. As they arrived they were invited to eat pork buns at the local tavern, The Horned Goblin. As they entered they ordered meals, with Wrothgar being very specific of not wanting the pork buns believing this town to be full of cultists. Alwen attempted to be polite but avoid actually eating it. In his failed attempt he did take a bite of the pork bun and found it absolutely foul. The players enjoyed the rest of their meal and split ways for their own errands afterwards.

Alwen went with Lily Blaedfast to send a letter to Vaethren, now to be renamed Wrothgonia. He also requested the arena to be upgraded to something more grand for a tournament. For reminder, this was a plan to advertise in Kison to get warriors to enter a tourney in Wrothgonia. He also attempted to purchase from the magic shop, finding it lacking the tools he wishes.

Wrothgar went to fish food, and then investigated the town square. He found the town cryer too “Happy”, and flatly tackled the man. Guards came up and attempted to take down the Sea Barbarian. They did succeed (with some knocked out). He was taken to a death plane, and thrown into a jail cell.

Moa spent time watching Wrothgar get hauled off to jail, while Rakitti found 2 villagers talking with eachother revealing that many were Hobgoblins with an illusion spell upon them. They then meet back up at the tavern. As they discover that Wrothgar was arrested, they first investigated the magic shop, Rakitti blowing open the door. They found it extremely empty leading to the possibility that the magic shop was just an illusion. They then ask to speak to Wrothgar finding that the guard stated “There is no Man here as everyone obeys the law here”.

Rakitti then investigated the town while everyone else spoke together. Rakitti then asked the local beggar where might the big oaf be. While he mentioned this town is weird, he tries to keep his head down. Rakitti gave him some coin, and the Beggar in turn shown him a cellar door where the portal to a Death Plane lie. As the group entered the Death Plane, they found a large amount of captives along with Wrothgar. They take him back and run into Hades, the owner of this death plane.


This was the session where the players were pushed towards Alwen’s mystical sword. They encountered the port town of Pearl post. As they passed through the town they felt uneasy about the town and decided to avoid resting in the town. They investigated and heard and saw fire and drum beats. Deciding to avoid a fight, they head into the Fey-Wild Forest where they encountered secluded elves with a different dialect that gets mis-translated in a humorous fashion.

The players also encountered Esther, a Ghoran who wished to leave the forests to see new parts of the world.

Calendor has Fallen

Alwen placed upon the belt, and within moments Alwen became Elywn.

What Hijinks will ensue?


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